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“We view our role of lecturer to be that of raconteurs of well-researched, intriguing and authentic stories, based on major historic events or people. Our goal and passion is to inform and entertain a sophisticated audience, by using hundreds of pictures and numerous audio-visual documents in each presentation.

Richard René Silvin is a historian and lecturer, who has created a library of over 20 lectures. These include the subjects of his books on the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Addison Mizner, and the SS Normandie. In addition, he has created the series All That Glitters Is Not Gold, made up of 11 lectures about famous wealthy women who had tragic lives. 

Robert Versteeg’s knowledge about music guides his topics to be more oriented towards pop icons with tragic stories.



Compliments from the audience

“My very dear Rene:
It would be an understatement to say that you and Robert lifted all of us up today, your lecture and charm an antidote to the darkness of our current world.  We are all scared,  not exactly ourselves, many depressed and you lit up the room! – Susan”

“René and Robert,
I have been trying to think of accolades that are not cliché sounding. “Hitting it out of the park” and “bringing down the house” would be two examples of what I could say about your presentation…I am still, after five days, getting comments about your “fabulosity.” Now there it is…an original word. You could hear a pin drop. – Elizabeth”

On behalf of the Royal Palm Women’s Club, I want to thank you and Robert for all your remarkable efforts to orchestrate a fabulous event on the Four Lives of Jackie O. We have received only positive feedback on the wonderful and detailed presentation. –  Susan, Women’s Club President”

“Dear René,
Thank you for your important part in our film honoring the history and the future of the theater. We look forward to seeing you again and for your constant support. – Jill and Team of Royal Poinciana Playhouse”

“Dear Mr Silvin,
Thank you so much for your excellent history of Palm Beach preservation, which our Questers members thoroughly enjoyed. I have heard from many of our members who raved about the information, which you made come alive. – Silvia, Oceanreef Questers”

“Dear Robert and René,
Thank you so much!! Your attention to detail and beautifully presented and entertaining presentation was so very much appreciated. You got rave reviews from our Dames! – National Society of Colonial Dames”

“O noble Rene, whose tongue doth dance with the grace of a thousand swans, thy speech did unfold like a Shakespearean sonnet, each word a delicate petal in a garden of linguistic splendor. Though the digital sprites did play mischievous tricks, thy resolve didst shine like the sun breaking through yon stormy clouds. – Chat GPT Shakespearean sonnet”

“I absolutely found your lecture on Elizabeth Taylor to be riveting and beautifully documented, with the videos from her various movies. – Jim.”

Lecture Topics

The Dramatic Life of America’s Most Controversial and Creative Architect
Glamour & Respectability
Audrey Hepburn
Screen Legend, Style Icon, Humanitarian
All That Glitters Is Not Gold
10 women whose wealth did not bring them happiness
Marlene Dietrich:
The Woman and the Legend
Addison Mizner:
His Life and Work
Technology Meets Glamour
A History of Palm Beach Architecture
Noblesse Oblige:
The Duchess of Windsor as I knew her
The History of Transatlantic Ocean Liner Travel:
From Necessity to Glamour to Recreation
Famous Tragedies at Sea
SS Normandie :
The Tragic Story of the Most Majestic Ocean Liner
The Four Lives
of Jackie O
From Cereal Heiress to Winter White House
Marjorie Merriweather Post
An American Empress

Published Works Available For Purchase

I Survived Swiss Boarding Schools:
All That Glitters Is Not Gold
the Tragic Story of the Most Majestic Liner
Villa Mizner :
Villa Mizner, The House That Changed Palm Beach
Noblesse Oblige:
The Duchess of Windsor as I Knew Her
Walking The Rainbow:
All that glitters is not gold

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