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Robert Versteeg

Robert Versteeg joined Silvin Books 10 years ago as creative director. During this decade, he designed René’s books, created PowerPoints for Silvin’s lectures, and handled the presentation schedule. They published two coffee table books, and Robert redesigned Silvin’s other books to be more visually pleasing. Their presentation schedule has grown from a handful of events a year, to almost 40, at a wide range of venues. Robert is now venturing into giving presentations.

With his love for and vast knowledge about music, Versteeg will initially focus on the lives of famous pop icons with dramatic lives and endings. This will include singers like Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and George Michael.

Robert Versteeg was born in The Netherlands and moved to New York City in 1991. With his background as a classical and modern dance trained performer, he brings an eye for theatrics to the presentations by Silvin Books. This is reflected in the intricate PowerPoints used during their lectures, but also in the way Silvin and Versteeg handle the lead up to presentations, giving the audience a theatrical experience. Additionally, holding a doctorate in Social Work, he has given presentations on medically related topics at health care facilities, honing his skills as a presenter.