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Technology Meets Glamour

In the 1980s René was one of the most frequent flyers on the Supersonic Concorde. This makes him the perfect person to present the history of this marvel of technology from a personal point of view.

Concorde’s life, including its development, spanned half a century. Its leap forward in technological advancement has been unrivaled, and the French and British joint development led to a new era of cooperation between the two countries. The ambitious initial plan was to build 350 aircraft.

Before Concorde’s first flight, it faced many obstacles, such as sound pollution, safety issues, and the high cost of development and operation. Following the first oil crisis of 1973, all orders for planes were cancelled, resulting in only 14 planes ever going into service.

The audience will be given an in-depth feel for what travel on Concorde was like and meet some of its famous passengers.

A fatal accident in 2000, followed by the tragic events of 9/11, precipitated Concorde’s decline in popularity and led to the, still unsurpassed, technological marvel’s eventual retirement.