Walking the Rainbow

79383C2F-8C1E-483C-B67D-C5ADB5193D2BWalking the Rainbow – All That Glitters Is Not Gold (2nd Edition-2019)

Walking the rainbow is René’s fascinating and inspiring memoir about personally witnessing the devastation of the AIDS pandemic.

Throughout the 1970s Richard René Silvin lead an enviable life of power and world travel during his career in international hospital administration.

During his childhood and early adult life, René closeted his homosexuality and married, in a futile attempt to conform. René and his wife eventually separated, which was at a time when René’s travels took him to the gay havens of New York, Los Angeles and Paris.

René discovered hints of a pandemic: AIDS. His story chronicles the frightening and grisly development as thousands of young Americans experience humiliating and dehumanizing deaths.

Walking the Rainbow is a story of international medical discoveries and personal experiences in the years leading up to isolating HIV, including the deaths of René’s two long term partners. He reveals details of the epic negligence of world leaders who lost the opportunity to radically curb the pandemic through education.

In this beautifully illustrated, second edition of Walking the Rainbow, readers will experience first-hand the adage: All that glitters is not gold.