Compliments for René Silvin’s books and lectures come through many avenues. Here are some reviews we at Silvin Books have received:

October 2020:

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed watching your presentation on the Life and work of Addison Mizner. I know that others did too. I certainly learned a lot about Addison Mizner and his times.
You obviously put in a lot of work preparing your presentation and it certainly came across. Thank you.
(Valencia Isles Resident, Boynton Beach, FL)

October 2020:

The Concorde presentation was absolutely fabulous!!!!!!  What a joy……I learned so much about this amazing feat of technology.  What a great life experience to have flown so many times.
This presentation was the sonic boom of presentations–I’m speechless it was so very wonderful.  Thank you for sharing it with us.
(Palm Beach St George’s Society) 

September 2020:
As usual you were both wonderful. I received a million emails, phone calls and text messages thanking me for arranging this terrific program. I really feel both of you should have gotten them as you were the true stars. You are the most pleasant and easiest to work with out of all our speakers. Thank both of you for being the way you are. I hope to be able to work with you {hopefully in person}  soon.
(Women’s Club of Valencia Reserve)

August 2020:
What a fabulous zoom – one of the best I’ve been on since the pandemic began.  A pleasure to watch.

Rene gave us depth, history ands personal touch to the architecture and to Palm Beach.

(Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles)

August 2020:
Ron and I really enjoyed the Normandie lecture. Great visuals and interesting stories. Thank you for bringing Richard  Silvin to us.
(Valencia Isles)

May 2020:
WOW!! Your presentation was fabulous and everyone loved it. It was a new topic for us but it was so well received and we have received quite a few note about it. I am so grateful that Tammy connected us and we appreciate your energy, time and enthusiasm.

As we continue our virtual programming (TBD) we will for sure keep you in the front of our minds for a repeat performance!

You were such a pleasure to work with and made it so easy and seamless for our events team.
(Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County)

March 2020:
I thoroughly enjoyed your book, and far from being negative on Rosey, I found it accurate, engaging and almost an homage to the unique institution.
(Le Rosey Alumnus)

January 2020:
Many attendees at your presentation in early December have raved to me that it was probably the most interesting and most visually professional presentation ever to come to our lovely island. I especially appreciated your taking the extra step to tie the presentation to a slice of the Fellowship’s Mission Statement. I just wanted to let yo know how special your team is.
(Palm Beach Fellowship of Christians and Jews)

June 2019:
Dear Rene,
I am counting the days until your arrival at Ventfort Hall. Everyone is so excited to have you return.  We are all looking forward to being enthralled by your presentation regarding the tragic story of the grand ocean liner, the Normandie.  I am certain that it will be another blockbuster presentation by you and Robert.
(Lucille Landa, Lenox, MA)

October 2018:
I read I Survived Swiss Boarding Schools all at once because I just couldn’t put it down. As I began reading the darkness that was Richard Rene’s childhood at La Clairiere, I was there with him and wanted to protect him against the abuse he was experiencing as a result of his parents blithely entrusting him to an institution they had not researched. As I continued reading, it was with a sigh of relief that I witnessed his transfer to Le Rosey. As I finished the book and reflected on my experience reading it, I was amazed by just how deeply I had been moved by the painful depths of a small child’s fears to his unbelievable heights of success as a man. I cheered his triumph. (Lin Schmitt on Amazon)

September 2017:
A charming book that covers the life of the Duchess and aims to cut away at all the myths that surround her. The author, Richard Rene Silvin, was acquainted with her later in her life. His memories of her add an intimate quality to this book, not found in others. Readers will find that the Duchess led an interesting life, without the fabled rumors. I appreciate history to be told in a straightforward, no-nonsense fashion and Silvin succeeds in that.
(Mike Poirier on Amazon)

March 2017:
It was really a pleasure to have you two back at Bellaggio. René, you grace our ballroom with a touch of class as well as being such a talented speaker. The residents so enjoyed the lecture on the “SS Normandie” and, of course, they want you back for more. On behalf of Bellaggio, we thank you both and wish you continued success.
(Management of Bellaggio)

February 2016:
Wonderful book and certainly a must have for those of us who love and can’t get enough of Normandie. Mr. Silvin tells part of this book through the eyes of Normandie herself, as if she were the storyteller. Also some conversations of persons aboard her which transport the reader to being a participant onboard rather than just a reader of another book. Beautifully presented with quality paper and printing. Well, well worth the price. It’s easy to see this book as a labor of love by Rene’ Silvin. A sincere thank you to Mr. Silvin for giving us this new look at the most beautiful ship ever to sail.
(David Prince on Amazon)

September 2014:
I received this book as a gift and I love it. The story of the home is completely enjoyable and the facts (people, places, architecture) are made even more interesting by the perspective of how the story of Villa Mizner is told – I won’t give away too much, but it’s a fun read. The images are georgous and this beautiful book will remain on my coffee table front and center for a very long time, as i enjoy going back to my favorite images and guests love the story and history of this well told story.
(Bill B. on Amazon)

April 2008:
I would like to say that Mr. Richard René Silvin is a brilliant author. His “Walking the Rainbow” was a very easy read with clarity on subjects that would take an MD degree to understand. His journey has not been an easy one, I could feel the emotional impact through his words. Of course there were lighter moments, where I was amused & laughed to myself. However, the love that Mr. Silvin felt for his partners & his sincere care were written so beautifully that I felt the words jump off the pages. Hats off to Mr. Silvin for writing a book that left an everlasting impression.
(Kelly King on Amazon)