Pivot to Virtual Presentations

Flexible, adaptive and resilient are the words of the day. We like to think we started to “adapt” early because most people are staying home as much as possible. So, in early May we began hosting on-line Zoom presentations.

We just finished the first series of 5 lectures: Are Diamonds Really A Girl’s Best Friend? All that glitters is not gold-Part 2. The 5 women we presented, all of whom were well-to-do but had tragic lives, were Princess Margaret (the Queen’s sister), Princess Alice (the Queen’s mother-in-law), Marilyn Monroe, Edith Piaf and Whitney Houston.


With word-of-mouth spreading the news, the attendance grew from 17 for the first show, to over 80 this past Tuesday. Therefore, we have decided to do a “reprise” of Princess Margaret this coming Tuesday so that those who tuned in later can see that show.

We have had so much fun doing this. We learned how to use the Zoom platform more and more efficiently, it has enabled us to stay in touch with many people whom we know, and we have also made new on-line friends.

For this reason, we have decided we will continue with a second series. We will start this on Tuesday June 23, and we will present one by one the women of the original lecture: All That Glitters Is Not Gold-The perils of being too rich.


First up: Anne Woodward

As a result of our presentations, we have been invited by several country clubs and other organizations, where in the past we have presented in-person, to do Zoom events for them now. We are very honored they trust us to do this for/with them. After we presented the Famous Disasters at Sea to the Jewish Foundation of South Palm Beach County on May 5th, we have been invited back by them to do another zoom presentation on June 29th.

Staying current has taken on a new meaning in the times of Covid-19, and we hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy, even while slowly starting to spread our wings a little again, hopefully all very carefully!

Written by Robert Versteeg, Silvin Books & Productions

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