LEONA HELMSLEY (1920-2007)

“The Queen of Mean”

E8772A5D-BE83-4E72-A890-68B8F7BAAB8ALeona Helmsley was known as “the queen of mean.” She married real estate magnet, Harry Helmsley in 1972, after her real estate license was revoked. Helmsley was both a friend and competitor of Donald  Trump’s. In 1973 Leona was stabbed in their Palm Beach Towers condominium. The most commonly accepted theory is that Harry stabbed Leona, while they both tried to blame the crime on a housekeeper. Leona led a tumultuous life, including 19 months in prison, convicted on tax evasion charges. She died lonely and secluded in Greenwich, Connecticut at the age of 86.  She left $12 million to her dog, Trouble.

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