Are Diamonds Really A Girl’s Best Friend?

An in-depth and colorful look at the lives of the women listed below prove that wealth and fame alone cannot make you happy. Look for more details on each story in their individual pages.

René, the ultimate raconteur presents these intriguing tragic stories in his inimitable fashion, using dozens of glamour shots and newsreel clips while proving the adage all that glitters is definitely not gold.

Venues can select one or more of these stories from our line-up, keeping an eye on the approximate length of each presentation as listed on the individual pages.

PRINCESS ALICE OF BATTENBERG (1885-1969) “The Forgotten Royal”

BARBARA HUTTON (1912-1979) “Poor Little Rich Girl”

EDITH PIAF (1915-1963) “France’s National Chanteuse”

ANN WOODWARD (1915-1975) “She Was A Great Shot”

LEONA HELMSLEY (1920-2007) “The Queen of Mean”

MARILYN MONROE (1926-1962) “The Original Blonde Bombshell”

PRINCESS MARGARET (1930-2002) “Cinderella In Reverse”

SUNNY VON BÜLOW (1932-2008) “A Wasted Life” 

CHRISTINA ONASSIS (1950-1988) “A Greek Tragedy”

GIGI JORDAN (1961-…) “A Mother’s Mercy Killing”

WHITNEY HOUSTON (1963-2012) “Didn’t She Almost Have It All?”