GIGI JORDAN (1961-…)

“A Mother’s Mercy Killing”


Gigi with husband Emil and son Jude, 2002

Few people know details of New York socialite and wealthy pharmaceutical executive Gigi Jordan. René’s late partner was Ms. Jordan’s Chief Operating Officer prior to her selling the company to Quest Diagnostics. In 2010, at the Peninsula Hotel in New York City, Gigi killed her 8-year old severely autistic son and allegedly attempted to take her own life. Her suicide having failed, she claimed her son’s death was a mercy killing. Ms. Jordan is currently serving an 18-year prison sentence.

(This presentation is approximately 15-20 minutes)

Gigi and Jude

Gigi and her son Jude, 2003

Gigi at trial

Gigi in court at trial, 2015

Gigi in jail

Gigi in jail