March Madness: Villa Borghese, Bellaggio, Boca Raton Resort & Club, on to Atlanta and LA

Midway through March and we have successful concluded three lectures.

We started the month with back-to-back lectures in two days. On Tuesday March 7th we had our inaugural lecture at the Club House of Villa Borghese in Delray. The Duchess of Windsor lecture was well-received, and we worked closely with Maris Newmark to make it a success. We are invited back for next year, so we can conclude our audience was pleased. Several of our friends attended, including the wonderful Lauri Welteroth.

IMG_5057  IMG_5059         Maris Newmark at Villa Borghese

The following day we had a lunch lecture of the Normandie at the Bellaggio Club House in Lake Worth. This was our second appearance there, after last year’s Duchess lecture, and they want René to return next year for a third time. We love Shannon Emmel and Leia Moses-Levine, and we enjoyed spending some time with them during the lunch that was organized before René lectured. Good friends Susan and David Samrick attended, making it even more special.

IMG_5063  IMG_5066                                       Leia and Shannon at the Bellagio


The third lecture was this past week, which was our second appearance at the Boca Raton Resort & Club this season. The Duchess lecture was well-received, and we look forward to our continued relationship with Barbara and Ron Chase, who are great organizers. We will return to present some more lectures there next season.

IMG_5117  IMG_5116  IMG_5115

This week we will be travelling to Atlanta and Los Angeles. Atlanta is work-related, since we will present the Normandie lecture at the Atlanta History Center, René’s third appearance there. During the day we will attend a luncheon at Ruth Dobbs Anthony’s home. She hosted a similar amazing luncheon last year so this promises to be a wonderful event. Keep an eye on Facebook for pictures. We have prepared a new and special lecture for her distinguished guests.

Atlanta4 René and Ruth last year in Atlanta

LA is a short pleasure trip, where we will attend the 99th birthday of Royce Diener, René’s former boss, the CEO of American Medical International (NYSE:AMI).

imageRené and Royce last year

We will end the month with one more Mizner lecture at Abbey Delray, our third appearance there this season, on Thursday March 30th.

In other news, we have been approached to create a lecture about the history of the famous Mar-A-Lago, “from Marjorie Merriweather Post to Trump”. Of course, living in Palm Beach and having become somewhat of a Palm Beach history expert, René would be the perfect person to deliver presentations on this more and more famous historic mansion. Stay tuned for more information on this new project.

IMG_5141 Mar-A-Lago

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Written by Robert Versteeg, partner at Silvin Books LLC.

February: JCC and FAU. 5 lectures in March including Atlanta History Center.

Although we “only” had two lectures in February, this month was very busy nonetheless.

On February 7, when Palm Beach elected Julie Araskog as the new Town Council member, René had his second appearance at JCC of Boynton Beach. Working with Alan Egenthal, this Mizner lecture was another success. We will return to this venue next season for sure, with either one or two new lectures.

IMG_4861        IMG_4865      Alan Egenthal introducing René                         JCC Boynton

Two days later, on the 9th, we presented the newest lecture: From Necessity to Glamour to Recreation, the history of transatlantic ocean liner travel. This was our return to the Lifelong Learning Society of FAU Jupiter. Welcomed by Wendy Geller, we were happy to have in attendance our good friend Todd Estabrook and his mother. For the past few years Todd has been in charge of our warehouse, and we are very grateful for that.

IMG_4871 LLS at FAU Jupiter

IMG_4872  IMG_4875IMG_4870 René at LLS of FAU Jupiter

Now, looking ahead at March, we are in for some more busy weeks with 5 lectures. The first will be at the Villa Borghese Country Club on March 7 at 7 PM. We met with Maris Newmark, a very well-organized woman, who we are looking forward to working with. The venue is impressive, and at least 100 attendees are expected for this Duchess of Windsor lecture.

IMG_4980 Entrance to Villa Borghese

IMG_4983 Lecture hall of Villa Borghese

The following day, March 8, sees our return to the Bellaggio. This year, with the Normandie lecture, the event starts with a lunch at 11:30 out on the terrace, and then the crowd will move into the large auditorium. We look forward to working with Shannon Emmel and Leia Moses-Levine again.

image Shannon Emmel last year at Bellagio

The next week we return to the Boca Resort and Club, where Barbara Chase has become one of our biggest supporters. After the successful Normandie lecture in January, we return with the Duchess of Windsor lecture. We are already discussing several options for presentations next season at the impressive Resort.

IMG_4781 The Boca Resort and Club this past January

Then it’s on to Atlanta! René will return for a third time to the Atlanta History Center. Our good friend Ruth Dobbs Anthony will once again host a luncheon during the day, for which we are preparing a one-time-only special lecture about fashion and exercise aboard ocean liners through the decades. This should be lots of fun, and a great preparation for the Normandie presentation at 6 PM that evening at the AHC. We look forward to seeing Katherine Hoogerwerf and Lisa Fuller, who were instrumental in getting René to return to this amazing organization.

atlanta5 Last year at the Atlanta History Center

After a quick trip to Los Angeles to celebrate René’s former boss, Royce Diener, when he turns 99 years old, we come back to one last presentation at Abbey Delray. This will be the third of a three-part series, and we finish it out with Mizner. The always gracious Linda Lanson will be hosting.

We would love to see some of our friends at these lectures, but most of them do require us to notify the venue that you are coming, so please let me know, and I will take care of it.

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Written by Robert Versteeg, partner at Silvin Books LLC.