A look back at season 17/18 and looking ahead at Mar-a-Lago

Although we are not going north just yet, Silvin Books has successfully delivered 18 lectures and is now finished with making presentations for the winter season 2016/2017. Here’s a brief review:

We started with a big bang at the Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach with the lecture about the SS Normandie on November 7. A packed house, with almost 200 people made the event very special, and certainly one of the highlights of our season.

img_4262 René at Four Arts

Only 3 days later we delivered the first of three lectures at Abbey Delray in Delray Beach. Our hostess was Linda Lanson; a special woman who is very devoted to provide something worthwhile for her residents. This first lecture about the Duchess of Windsor was attended by our Californian friends Kevin and Rita, which made it uniquely enjoyable for us. The Normandie lecture, which followed in December, brought out a special lady who lives at Abbey Delray and travelled on Normandie. The Mizner lecture followed several months later at the end of March, which rounded off our commitment at this venue.

IMG_5234René and Linda Lanson

Late November brought us to the Mizner Country Club, which fittingly booked the Mizner lecture. Although a relatively small audience, they were very appreciative.

img_4482 René at the Mizner Country Club

December saw the official launching of the brand-new lecture: From Necessity to Glamour to Recreation, the history of transatlantic ocean liner travel. This was at the Lifelong Learning Society of FAU Boca Raton. As always Dr. Herbert Shapiro was our biggest fan, and we continue to work with him on a follow up engagement next season.

img_4546 René at LLS of FAU Boca

The first of two appearances at the Jewish Community Center of Boynton Beach followed. We worked closely with Alan Egenthal to make both evenings a success. During the first “Duchess lecture” René was battling a cold, but the audience was none the wiser. Luckily, for the second lecture, which took place in February and about Mizner, René was in tip top shape again, and all went well.

img_4580 René at JCC Boynton

Another highlight of the season was the morning tea presentation of the Duchess lecture at Oceanreef in near Key Largo, in the Florida Keys. Barbara Wolf and Katherine Medaglia were instrumental in making this a wonderful event, including classic tea sets on each table, when high tea was served after the lecture.

img_4705Barbara Wolf presenting René at Oceanreef

Our Kravis Center for the Arts appearance followed, where we presented the Normandie lecture. Keena Gumbinner welcomed us, and when we arrived we found out we had been moved into a bigger room than the one used last year. Building upon this relationship, we have been invited back next season by Keena and Lee Bell, The Kravis Center’s Programming Director, to present the Duchess lecture at this wonderful preforming arts center. Although René was interviewed about the Duchess of Windsor at a “Lunch & Learn” at Kravis several years ago (which is still very popular on YouTube), this will be the first actual Duchess presentation at this prestigious venue in March 2018.

IMG_4747 René at the Kravis Center

In January we began what quickly became a very rewarding relationship with Barbara Chase, who runs a foreign movie club at the Boca Raton Resort & Club. After seeing René at Four Arts, she booked the Normandie and the Duchess lectures immediately for this season. Both lectures were well received culminating in our return to Boca Raton next season, thus continuing our collaboration with the fashionable, energetic Barbara and her charming husband, Ron.

IMG_4781René at the Boca Resort and Club

To top off January, René presented the Mizner lecture to a filled room at the Royal Poinciana Chapel for the Palm Beach Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Palm Beach Town Council woman, Maggie Zeidman, also the Fellowship’s Vice-Chairperson, had invited us. We were happily surprised to find Skip Randolph, Attorney for the City of Palm Beach, and Chairman of the Fellowship, introducing René.

IMG_4796 René being introduced by Skip Randolph

A second presentation of the new lecture about the History of Transatlantic Travel took place at the Lifelong Learning Society of FAU Jupiter in Jupiter, Florida. Wendy Geller and Kristen Robbins welcomed us, as we now have become very familiar with, and fond of, the staff at LLS Jupiter, since René has presented several lectures at this impressive venue many times over the past few years.

IMG_4872 René at LLS of FAU Jupiter

Because of a lecture delivered at the Bellaggio Clubhouse last year, we were asked to speak at the Club house of Villa Borghese in Delray.  The wonderful Maris Newmark was most competently at the helm to prepare her membership for a Duchess lecture. A week later we returned to The Bellaggio Club house for a lunch, after which René presented his Normandie lecture. Leia Moses-Levine and Shannon Emmell worked the room, and we will return to this venue in December for a Mizner presentation.

IMG_5060  IMG_5069

René at Villa Borghese                                René at the Bellaggio Clubhouse

Then it was time to travel! We went to Atlanta to present the Normandie lecture for the Members Guild of the amazing Atlanta History Center. The nighttime lecture was preceeded by a lunch at the stunning home of Ruth Dobbs Anthony, where we presented a one-of-a-kind production about the glamorous life aboard ocean liners through the twentieth century. In the evening, it was Katherine Hoogerwerf’s and Lisa Fuller’s turn to shine, and the program went off perfectly.

IMG_5165 Lunch presentation at Ruth’s home

IMG_5177 René at the Atlanta History Center

Finally, this past week, we finished our season with a specifically tailored Mizner lecture at Al Fresco restaurant in Via Mizner, followed by 4 tours through Villa Mizner. This event was coordinated with the Palm Beach Preservation Foundation. The generosity of Al Fresco’s Javier in opening the restaurant for the event was overwhelming and a special thanks to Villa Mizner’s owners, Dee and Nick Adams, who agreed to have some fifty people tour their historic home.

IMG_5273 IMG_5269  IMG_5277 René at Al Fresco and in Villa Mizner

Having successfully completed our winter season lecturing, we will focus on our next project. A new lecture: Mar-a-Lago, where dreams come true. From Post to Trump. As of this writing, it will be exclusively presented next season at both Lifelong Learning Societies (FAU Boca and Jupiter), but we expect to be booked at numerous venues once we promote this subject, since Mar-a-Lago has become a subject of both national and international curiosity. The history of the mansion is fascinating, with the money to build it coming from the Post Cereal fortune, as well as the Hutton family fortune. Actress Dina Merrill grew up in the iconic architectural masterpiece, which is now considered the “Winter White House” with President Trump spending most winter weekends in Palm Beach. Read more details about this new lecture on our webpage, as details evolve over the summer. We promise it will be presented in the style which has defined René’s lectures, using dozens of pictures and numerous videos to create a story which members of the audience often say is more like going to the movies than attending a lecture.


René in the entrance hall of Mar-a-Lago

We hope to see you next season at a lecture.

Written by Robert Versteeg, partner at Silvin Books LLC.

March Madness: Villa Borghese, Bellaggio, Boca Raton Resort & Club, on to Atlanta and LA

Midway through March and we have successful concluded three lectures.

We started the month with back-to-back lectures in two days. On Tuesday March 7th we had our inaugural lecture at the Club House of Villa Borghese in Delray. The Duchess of Windsor lecture was well-received, and we worked closely with Maris Newmark to make it a success. We are invited back for next year, so we can conclude our audience was pleased. Several of our friends attended, including the wonderful Lauri Welteroth.

IMG_5057  IMG_5059         Maris Newmark at Villa Borghese

The following day we had a lunch lecture of the Normandie at the Bellaggio Club House in Lake Worth. This was our second appearance there, after last year’s Duchess lecture, and they want René to return next year for a third time. We love Shannon Emmel and Leia Moses-Levine, and we enjoyed spending some time with them during the lunch that was organized before René lectured. Good friends Susan and David Samrick attended, making it even more special.

IMG_5063  IMG_5066                                       Leia and Shannon at the Bellagio


The third lecture was this past week, which was our second appearance at the Boca Raton Resort & Club this season. The Duchess lecture was well-received, and we look forward to our continued relationship with Barbara and Ron Chase, who are great organizers. We will return to present some more lectures there next season.

IMG_5117  IMG_5116  IMG_5115

This week we will be travelling to Atlanta and Los Angeles. Atlanta is work-related, since we will present the Normandie lecture at the Atlanta History Center, René’s third appearance there. During the day we will attend a luncheon at Ruth Dobbs Anthony’s home. She hosted a similar amazing luncheon last year so this promises to be a wonderful event. Keep an eye on Facebook for pictures. We have prepared a new and special lecture for her distinguished guests.

Atlanta4 René and Ruth last year in Atlanta

LA is a short pleasure trip, where we will attend the 99th birthday of Royce Diener, René’s former boss, the CEO of American Medical International (NYSE:AMI).

imageRené and Royce last year

We will end the month with one more Mizner lecture at Abbey Delray, our third appearance there this season, on Thursday March 30th.

In other news, we have been approached to create a lecture about the history of the famous Mar-A-Lago, “from Marjorie Merriweather Post to Trump”. Of course, living in Palm Beach and having become somewhat of a Palm Beach history expert, René would be the perfect person to deliver presentations on this more and more famous historic mansion. Stay tuned for more information on this new project.

IMG_5141 Mar-A-Lago

Don’t forget to look at Silvin Books & Production’s YouTube Chanel.


Written by Robert Versteeg, partner at Silvin Books LLC.